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A friend is selling some of her collections on Ebay, so when I discovered Barcode Booty: How I Found and Sold $2 Million of ‘Junk’ on Ebay and Amazon and You Can, Too, Using Your Phone by Steve Weber,  I immediately sent her a Kindle copy describing barcode reader apps available on smart phones.




She reported that the apps did indeed work. In reading the book myself, I discovered a possible solution for organizing the ~200 linear feet of books in my home by using barcode reading apps on my upcoming smart phone purchase.


The first step is to list and categorize all the books. I will make this go faster by  investing in someone nearby to keep me company and hold me accountable.

The next step is the keep, gift, donate, or sell decisions (thank you Chip & Dan Heath for your latest book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work which has given me lots of strategies for being strong when faced with choosing what to keep and how to share with others).

The final step is giving, donating, and selling the books and then implementing a one in, one out policy.

This is a CONTINUING SAGA, so stay tuned for updates to this blog at the end of each quarter.

QUESTION:  What resolution(s) do you have for bringing order in your world AND how are you going about it?

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