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After reading the stories of 10 incredibly interesting and successful women in the Kindle Serial The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women by Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar, I began a Blog Serial on my journey to ‘creating a world where people move freely to what they want’ by using Tapping (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Chapter 2: How an ECHO Can Free You from Blocks to Health & Success

As I continued to tap for personal growth and with clients, I found Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future by Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby. After Karl Dawson became an EFT Master Trainer, he discovered Matrix Imprinting while conducting an EFT practitioner training in Australia. There an attendee dealing with a highly traumatic memory, said she could see a picture of her younger self so clearly she could tap on her, which is the core of Matrix Reimprinting.

Karl and his co-author Sasha Allenby have successful treated major illnesses, big-T traumas, addictions, as well as a host of other blocks to health and success.

There are two main Matrix Imprinting Techniques of Matrix Scene Reimprinting using a 14-step process, and Matrix Memory Imprinting, which has 17 steps. Using these two techniques and a variety of protocols, remarkable progress has been made in uncovering ways to heal serious illnesses such as those Sasha herself experienced, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and bipolar affective disorder (manic depression) in a relatively short period of time.

I was amazed as I read of ways in which, as I pursued EFT certification, I might learn how to help both myself and others who have weight, addiction, and health issues.

Is this next on my path or is there another way in which I can create that world for people moving freely to what they want?

Please ‘stay tuned’ for the next episode . . .

QUESTION: Where in your life might there be an ECHO that is holding the answer to blocks to your health, wellbeing, joy?

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