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After my Megabus adventure to New York City, the EFT Universe Matrix Reimprinting training led by Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner of EFT Tapping Training began on a frosty morning in NYC just before Thanksgiving.

We gathered to explore an application of Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that provides a way to find and free energy from earlier survival choices of Fight, Flight, or Freeze, ended up freezing energy.

Deana Day Snow 2008-0222

When the energy freezes, an underlying belief is established that continues to impact one’s life – such as: not good enough (huge in the US), too _______ (young, old, thin, fat, tall, short, stupid – fill in the blank), doing it wrong, don’t toot your own horn, lack of trust (especially in those abused as children).

I was apprehensive about this training as it addresses both small t and big T traumas. Would I get it? What was exciting about this training was that it was offered in an elephant-eating way: one bite at a time. Over the course of the training each piece was described and demonstrated. After that it was ‘swim’ into action. Alina and Craig provided phrases or suggestions when someone was ‘sinking’ which allowed them to get back onboard.

At the end of our training, each of us had successfully participated in a successful release of the imprinted/stuck energy we called an ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) to find the resources, love, and acceptance to reimprint a new energetic essence through one’s mind into one’s body, then into one’s heart and heart energy (which the Institute of HeartMath in CA has measured), and then radiated that out as far as could be imagined, to infinity and beyond . . .

I have now done over two dozen Matrix Reimprinting sessions which have resulted in major releases of creativity, increased business, choices that became easy as they were based on supportive beliefs. Every time I work with a client, it is as if we are in a detective story, following clues until we find and release the ECHO’s energy. Who would have thought that questions, processes, and tapping on energy meridians used for thousands of years could be so powerful!


  • Getting an MBA, an EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen)
  • Sourcing the Way – Narrowing the Niche with Intuitive Guides

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Where in your life are there little or big frozen energies? What resources would they and you like them to have to release the energy and notice what changes in your life?

Photo: Deana Coble

Once upon a time Seth Godin did one of his magic blog links while complaining that a certain airline was like a certain bus company but that there were new bus companies coming. That is how I discovered Megabus.com, the double-decker, inner-city to inner-city, wifi- & electrical outlet-equipped transportation model that tantalizes with an offer of a $1 ticket.

On the way to New York City to attend the third of my three Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) certification classes, I was able to score the $1 coup. I am going from DC to NYC for $1 + booking fee – total cost from Durham, NC to NYC is $27. My return trip is a bit pricier as it falls in the ‘holiday season’ – that ticket is $57 so that my total transportation cost (before intra-city travel) is $84. Wow!!!

This third EFT Universe certification class will feature an amazing EFT application called Matrix Reimprinting which is being used to resolve PTSD and other major traumas and underlying beliefs that keep one from achieving the health, wealth, peace, and confidence desired. It will be led by masterful EFT trainer Alina Frank.

I am discovering many new processes and techniques through Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby and Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life: EFT Tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson with Kate Marillat.

A number of those I have worked with are discovering that they now have more clients, better health, increased income and confidence. Not to mention having more fun . . .

Keep tuned as I continue on my journey to certification – targeted for my April 14th birthday.

What new ways have you found to help you reach your dreams? Ways of travel, work, play, and making changes in your life?

In recent weeks, I have been discovering how powerful Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be in resolving blocks from early childhood through earlier adulthood. As a finger-tapping, story-telling, theme-detecting grandmother I have now found my calling.

Church near Barcelona

It feels strange to be using coconut oil and my finger-tips to be creating a career that will be satisfying “as long as I live.” As a career coach it is a desired outcome for many of my clients and now it is mine.

More details to follow  . . .

QUESTION:  Have you found your “as long as I live” career? What has drawn you to it? How do you define it?

Are you struggling with finding words, aching in all sorts of places, and struggling with weight issues? Coconut oil and other coconut products are coming into their own as they provide the good fat, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil1 that provides energy to the brain directly through ketones instead of requiring insulin. This has great significance for those with diabetes and insulin resistance.

MCT oil has also been found effective in providing remarkable changes in the health of those with Alzheimer’s Disease by Mary T. Newport, M.D., whose husband was diagnosed with the disease at age 53. She searched the Internet for something to help him, uncovered research on MCT oils, and used coconut/MCT oils to bring him back to walking, smiling, talking for a number of years. She has begun to call Alzheimer’s Disease ‘diabetes 3’ because of the way these oils act in ways similar to insulin.

One frosty morning at a breakfast meeting, a friend shared with those in the circle about what was changing her health. Her family had discovered coconut oil (Nutiva was their favorite brand) and she was remembering more, aching less, and losing weight.

Since January I have taken up coconut oil for my own personal challenges, and am now remembering more of those pesky details that used to take charades when talking with others, having no knee pains, and my weight set point (where you fluctuate up/down 2 pounds and return to homeostasis) is down five pounds.

To achieve this I went from putting 2 teaspoons of Nutiva Coconut Oil on my breakfast toast before adding goat cheese, to incorporating it in hot foods, smoothies, on rice crackers, AND . . .

A recent daring step (overcoming great internal reluctance) was putting it in a cup and pouring in my morning coffee, stirring until the coconut oil melted and then adding milk. The first time I did it I was shocked by how easily it went down, without even a ‘spoonful of sugar.’

This is the FIRST in a SECOND series of blogs as I uncover new ways to incorporate it in my life and new sources of information on ways in which the thousands of years of healing history of coconuts are being rediscovered and brought into our awareness.
1Newport, Mary T. (2013-05-06). Alzheimer’s Disease: What if There was a Cure? – (Kindle Location 947). Basic Health Publications, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


QUESTION:   Are you using coconut and MCT oils and what have you discovered?


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