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After my Megabus adventure to New York City, the EFT Universe Matrix Reimprinting training led by Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner of EFT Tapping Training began on a frosty morning in NYC just before Thanksgiving.

We gathered to explore an application of Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that provides a way to find and free energy from earlier survival choices of Fight, Flight, or Freeze, ended up freezing energy.

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When the energy freezes, an underlying belief is established that continues to impact one’s life – such as: not good enough (huge in the US), too _______ (young, old, thin, fat, tall, short, stupid – fill in the blank), doing it wrong, don’t toot your own horn, lack of trust (especially in those abused as children).

I was apprehensive about this training as it addresses both small t and big T traumas. Would I get it? What was exciting about this training was that it was offered in an elephant-eating way: one bite at a time. Over the course of the training each piece was described and demonstrated. After that it was ‘swim’ into action. Alina and Craig provided phrases or suggestions when someone was ‘sinking’ which allowed them to get back onboard.

At the end of our training, each of us had successfully participated in a successful release of the imprinted/stuck energy we called an ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) to find the resources, love, and acceptance to reimprint a new energetic essence through one’s mind into one’s body, then into one’s heart and heart energy (which the Institute of HeartMath in CA has measured), and then radiated that out as far as could be imagined, to infinity and beyond . . .

I have now done over two dozen Matrix Reimprinting sessions which have resulted in major releases of creativity, increased business, choices that became easy as they were based on supportive beliefs. Every time I work with a client, it is as if we are in a detective story, following clues until we find and release the ECHO’s energy. Who would have thought that questions, processes, and tapping on energy meridians used for thousands of years could be so powerful!


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DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Where in your life are there little or big frozen energies? What resources would they and you like them to have to release the energy and notice what changes in your life?

Photo: Deana Coble

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