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Recently Amazon.com led me into a new form of literature – Kindle serials. I am discovering the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women, in clusters of two or three amazing stories told by highly successful women and edited by Glynnis MacNichol and Rachel Sklar.

Business women on a chart

There are five episodes to date (presented in two installments):

  • Episode 1 – Emotional Correctness by Sally Kohn
  • Episode 2 – Why I Will Never Tell Anyone My Age by Nisha Chittal
  • Episode 3 – Starting from the Bottom by Jenna Worthman
  • Episode 4 – Will the Lady in the Bubble Please Let the Cat Out of the Bag? by Ruth Ann Harnisch
  • Episode 5 – Controlled Burn by Paula Froelich

Each episode traces the author’s journey to success through their own lens.

The remaining five episodes are:

  • Episode 6 – It Is Never Too Late to Change Everything by Leslie Bradshaw
  • Episode 7 – Willing to Be Lucky by Glynnis MacNicol
  • Episode 8 – Go Fund Yourself by Rachel Sklar
  • Episode 9 – A Culture of Extraordinary by Stacy London
  • Episode 10 – Changing the World through Business and Sex: The Five Things I learned that Could Help You Too by Cindy Gallop

The final episode explores the impact of being in a business where no one will be your bank or deposit your cusomers’ payments even when you are making a positive difference in the world by providing education and role models.

QUESTIONS:  How have you been or experienced ‘highly successful women’ in the past few years? What do you find special about them?

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