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Have you often arrived at your computer with several major to-do’s and then done a quick check of your email first in case you had an urgent item? Next thing you know an hour (or more) has gone by?

For once this behavior paid off for me. Last week Chris Guillebeau wrote a blog that was a real mindset-changer – he suggested Changing the Default as a way to decide “Now what?” after finishing a task. He has found a new habit that is helping a lot. His default behavior, when not sure what to do next was to CONSUME news online or social media.

Back to creating

What he does now is to answer the question with something active rather than passive – to CREATE by writing a blog post, working on his new Adventure Capital course, or preparing for the World Domination Summit.

This was a huge ‘Ah-Ha’ for me and now gives me real choice when I reach the end of a task. Thank you, Chris, for moving me forward in pursuing my blog, as well as my other major projects, by choosing the CREATE rather than consume button.

Next time you have finished a task, will you be CREATING or consuming, and if so, what?

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